Solid State Practice

Our Services

Solid State Practice brings clinical practices of all sizes highly experienced revenue cycle support services. We work closely with your clinicians and office professionals to help you improve your financial performance. We'll be with you across each area of need, and will work hard to exceed your expectations. In today's rapidly evolving healthcare payment landscape, we believe fiscal health allows your practice to optimally promote clinician satisfaction and patient outcome.

Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management

Efficient scheduling and appointment management are critical components of delivering high-quality healthcare. Referrals from physicians are not negatively impacted.

Eligibility Verification and Benefits Check

To receive payments for the services rendered we verify and provide each patient's eligibility and benefits prior to the patient's visit.

Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization confirms payer coverage of services in question before those services are rendered.

Charge Entry and Claim Audit

Our team of AAPC certified coders abide by CCI coding edits to ensure accurate application of procedure and diagnosis codes pertaining to the patient’s medical records. We acquire the guidelines of Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and match the right Current Procedural Terminology (CPT-4) with the ICD-10 CM codes, to prevent coding denials and make sure that our clients don’t suffer revenue loss.

Medical Coding Services

Our medical billing charge entry team is highly experienced. We work directly on patient accounts and use the appropriate coding and scheduled fee structures that are applicable. The charges entered determine reimbursement for the clinician's services. Medical claim audits are valuable tools to address compliance. Our audit capabilities help improve our claim accuracy as well as improve our clients' billing process efficiency.

Payment Posting and Remittance Processing

Payment posting is critical to effective RCM performance in a practice. It involves posting payments and reconciling posting activities with deposits received (e.g. lockbox, bank deposits, etc.). This portion of the revenue cycle can have major impacts on patient satisfaction, efficiency, and overall financial performance.

Accounts Receivable

Also termed "AR" this is a most important part of a practice's operations. The number of days of outstanding AR (days to collect payments) should be monitored and then used to drive RCM team members' activities on a daily basis. This assists in cash flow acceleration. Our best-in-industry AR team works diligently to get your 30, 60, 90, and over 90 day aged and unpaid claims submitted, paid, appealed and resubmitted as warranted.