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Payment Posting Services

At Solid State Practice services we ensure our team of staff on payment posting, work on a faster pace to post accurate payments into medical billing software.

The team posts both the insurance & patient payment into patient account by using EOB, ERA, Personal check & Credit card. Finally the posted payments are balanced with the deposit slips to ensure accuracy in posting.

Credit Balance Services

Working on the excess payment by the patient is viewed with equal importance. Our Credit Balance team works promptly to repay the insurance or the patients their excess amount paid by them. Accuracy and promptness is an essential element in health care service and here at Solid State Practice we execute swiftly.

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At Solid State Practice our experienced professionals will carefully reconcile and refund the extra payment made by patients and insurance companies on timely manner according to the regulations, and it avoids the litigation and fine. That also provides the exact profitability picture of Providers. This in-turn motivates the providers to focus on attending to more patients.

Patient Credit Balance

Each patient's account credit balance is analysed accurately and a refund check is issued to zero out the balance.

Credit Balance With Payers

Refunds are to be processed according to the permitted time by the insurance. To ensure this our staff considers the date of the refund letter and its validity to refund. In case the validity expires or found invalid, we process the refund and, if it’s invalid, we talk with insurance live representatives to cancel the invalid request.

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