Solid State Practice

Our Services

At SSP, we are dedicated to helping healthcare providers streamline their financial operations through our expert Accounts Receivable Management Services. We specialize in reducing the days in A/R by implementing a comprehensive suite of solutions that address the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

Timely Follow-Up Services

We gloat ourselves on our proactive approach to A/R management. We ensure that we invade to understanding the reasons for delay in accounts receivable and thus promptly follow up with insurance companies and patients to resolve outstanding claims.

Multi-Channel Communication

We work tirelessly to gain accurate insights into claim statuses by utilizing multiple contact channels, including websites, fax, IVR, and phone. Additionally, we collaborate with healthcare providers to enhance the adoption of websites as an efficient channel for communication.

Policies and Procedures Development

We develop and implement effective policies and procedures for A/R follow-up, tailored to your specific needs. We closely monitor the aging bucket of A/R and initiate follow-up calls at the optimal time post-submission of claims.


Our practical tools are designed to automate tasks such as logging into payer websites, generating queries, and fetching real-time information on claim status.

Effective Action Plans

We go beyond mere status updates. Our team takes proactive steps, including refiling claims and initiating appeals to secure reimbursements. We also leverage data analytics to minimize A/R days effectively.

Key Benefits

Focus on Resolution

Our primary focus is on resolving claims, not just obtaining their status. We are committed to getting your claims processed efficiently and maximizing collections.


By encouraging the adoption of technology, such as web portals, we help reduce the manual effort required to check claim statuses.

Workflow Automation

We have implemented web-based workflow systems that streamline the follow-up process, ensuring improved documentation quality and efficiency.

Insightful Dashboards and Metrics

Our multi-variate reports provide a clear view of your A/R, enabling us to channel our efforts effectively towards resolution.

Improved Collections

Our services consistently lead to a 20% reduction in A/R days and a remarkable 5-7% increase in collections for our clients.