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  • Job Categories: Medical Coding
  • Job Types: Full Time
  • Job Locations: Coimbatore, India

  Assign accurate and appropriate medical codes to diagnoses, procedures, and services performed by healthcare providers.

  Review clinical documentation to determine the correct codes based on medical records and documentation.

  Utilize coding systems such as ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS to assign codes.

  Ensure compliance with coding guidelines, regulations, and payer-specific requirements.

  Collaborate with healthcare providers to clarify documentation and obtain additional information for accurate coding.

  Conduct regular audits and quality checks on coded medical records to ensure coding accuracy and compliance..

  Stay updated with coding guidelines, changes in coding systems, and industry best practices

  Collaborate with the billing team to resolve coding-related denials or discrepancies in claims..

  Provide education and training to healthcare providers on coding best practices, documentation requirements, and coding updates.

  Generate reports on coding accuracy, compliance, and coding trends.

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