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  • Job Categories: AR Analyst
  • Job Types: Full Time
  • Job Locations: Coimbatore, India

  Manage the medical billing accounts receivable process for healthcare providers, including claim submission, payment posting, and collections.

  Review and analyze medical claims to ensure accurate and timely submission to insurance companies.

  Follow up on unpaid or denied claims and identify reasons for non-payment or underpayment.

  Work closely with insurance companies to resolve claim rejections, denials, and appeals..

  Post and reconcile insurance and patient payments in the billing system.

  Monitor accounts receivable aging and prioritize collection efforts.

  Contact patients and insurance companies to resolve outstanding balances and payment discrepancies.

  Provide excellent customer service to patients and insurance companies regarding billing inquiries.

  Generate reports on accounts receivable status, collections, and reimbursement trends.

  Collaborate with the billing team to identify and implement process improvements.

  Stay up-to-date with insurance regulations, coding changes, and industry best practices.

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