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Patient Statement Services Partner

At Solid State Practice (SSP), we specialize in providing comprehensive patient statement services, tailored to meet your medical practice needs. Our commitment is to ensure swift and efficient billing, delivering patient statements every 30 days to expedite payments.

Additionally, we prioritize patient satisfaction by offering a dedicated customer service hotline for any inquiries or concerns.

Patient Statement Generation and Support

Our global delivery model is designed to help your medical practice reduce costs and save valuable time. We take care of billing your patients quickly and efficiently.

Print and Mail Services
  • Generation of statements
  • Printing of patient statements
  • Mailing of statements
Patient-Friendly Billing

We collaborate with you to create patient-friendly statements that are easy to read and understand.

Implement Patient Portals

Our services enable you to accept patient payments conveniently through credit card transactions via the patient portal.

Address Patient Queries

We also provide support for addressing any calls or concerns that patients may have regarding their bills.

Benefits of Choosing SSP for Your Patient Statement Generation Services

 We ensure prompt delivery of patient statements to your patients, facilitating better financial planning for both your practice and your patients.

 By billing on time, you can significantly enhance your chances of receiving payments promptly, leading to healthier revenue streams.

 Our meticulous process guarantees high-quality patient statements that are clear and easy for patients to comprehend.

 With our efficient services, you can expect a quick turnaround on your billing process, ensuring your cash flow remains consistent.

 Improved patient and physician satisfaction is a natural byproduct of our seamless patient statement services.

Patient Statement Services Partner

At SSP, we understand the importance of efficient billing and excellent patient communication in the healthcare industry. Partner with us, and let us streamline your patient statement processes while enhancing your practice's financial stability. For inquiries or to get started, us through our customer service hotline.